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Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation

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Development Pressure Comes Back to Gettysburg

The remaining one hundred acres of ground where Camp Letterman, the large tent hospital complex after the battle of Gettysburg, is now under threat of Big Box store development. Located on Route 30 just before the town of Gettysburg, this land provided access to Culp's Hill during July 1 and is directly next to the restored Daniel Lady farm, a Confederate hospital site. Help Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association stop this development on hallowed ground.

National Park Service 150th Anniversary

National Park Service 100th Anniversary Events

Now at a park near you, well, to about fifty-three parks across the USA, in the days from August 25, 2015 through the anniversary year itself of 2016, are events to celebrate each park and the NPS. These special celebrations, walks, ranger tours, and talks are ongoing with more on the horizon, and we, at America's Best History, will assist in keeping you up to date. Check out what we know now and stop back as we update the events when the parks reveal their dates and times.

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Canyonlands National Park

History Site of the Month

Odd in a way as part of the double whammy national parks not far from the doorsteps of Moab, Utah, but Canyonlands, at nearly five times the size, is the poor sister, gathering less than 40% of the attendance of Arches National Park. But don't let that fool you into thinking there's nothing special about all that land west of the Moab. In two distinct areas, the Island of the Sky and Needles, you'll get to witness beauty with the panache reserved for few places on earth, camp under the stars, poke around the two visitors centers, and return refreshed to regular life anxious to return to the large sister who just does not get enough attention. Guess people are waiting for her to lose weight. Oh, no, microagression toward a national park. Forget we said that. Just visit her and judge for yourself.

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Golden Gate NRA

New ABH Page

Boy, this park encompasses so much, it's a bit hard to describe, and certainly well attended, over twelve million people per year come to view that famous bridge from the many historic and natural sites that embrace the park from the confines of the city of San Francisco to the shores of the bay and ocean north and south. Yes, it claims stake, in some ways, to other monuments such as Muir Woods and Fort Point, but to us, they're separate, with the focus here on parks and forts that deserve mention on their own. The Presidio. Alcatraz. Fort Baker. Fort Mason. Marin Headlands. Point Bonita Lighthouse. Too many to mention in a summary. So much to see you'll need the better part of a week just to make headway. And much of the time, you'll get to see, through the fog or sun, that iconic bridge across the bay.

  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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America's Best History Timeline Book

America's Best History Timeline now in Paperback and Ebook. All of the info of our timeline pages in one searchable document or hold in your hands book. Now available at Amazon.com and other online booksellers. Makes a great gift for the American History Fan or Student. Buy at Amazon below.

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Battle of South Mountain

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

It's one of those engagements that preceded a more famous history event, but that doesn't mean the Battle of South Mountain is not important. From the Lost Orders of the Confederate Army before it to the Battle of Antietam that followed, the series of events in mid-September of 1862 would eventually lead to a Union victory and Emancipation. And yes, the Battle of South Mountain in the three gaps along its ridges; Turner, Fox, and Crampton, would have a significant role in those outcomes. So for any advocate or buff of the Civil War, a deke over to these ridges during your visit to Antietam or Harper's Ferry or Manassas is worth the time to see where the middle section of that story actually happened, to see for yourself the path and footsteps that would lead to freedom.

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Richmond to Appomattox

Favorite of 2015
Civil War 150

When the breastworks of the Petersburg defenses were breached for the final time, it had been four years of long hard war. When the fires burned in Richmond for the days that followed, it signalled that the end of the war was nigh. For the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, the weeks of Petersburg to Richmond to Appomattox lasted barely more than a week, April 1 to April 12, and visitors saw those domino towns fall; Petersburg, Richmond, Sailors Creek, and Appomattox.

To Appomattox

History Notes

American Revolution

American Revolution Site Preservation

Want to read more about what's going on on the American Revolution preservation front, checked out more here.

Campaign 1776, the preservation arm of the Civil War Trust devoted to saving American Revolution and War of 1812 historic sites and land has announced their second major project on this history front with a campaign to save 10.4 acres at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania. This battle, an unappreciated and largest battle of the American Revolution, currently is a Pennsylvania State Park with a hodgepodge of eased and preserved land throughout the large battlefield.

American Revolution Preservation

News About Us

America's Best History and our Ellis Island page has been mentioned in an article and list on immigrant stories. Ellis Island, the processing center for many of our forefathers, contains an amazing history of how our country blossomed during the late 1900s through the mid-20th century.

Land Preservation

Save Historic Sites

Although the economic climate of the last decade has curbed some of the troubles in preserving historic sites and lands with slower development growth, the problem of preservation funding is now in the fore even more with development projects at Gettysburg's Camp Letterman and more. Get involved, contact the various organizations in your local community or an organization like the Civil War Preservation Trust and the National Parks Conservation Organization. Expanded gambling legislation has now passed the PA legislature, allowing two new future opportunities for a Gettysburg gambling proposal to reapply for a license and those windows are approaching. Time to redouble your efforts to stop any future casino effort that might come and promote a ban on any new casinos within 10 miles of a National Military Park, currently being considered at the state level. Contact your federal congressman or Senator and ask them to propose such a ban.

Baseball History

Our Partners

Want some baseball stat history, then check out the folks at Baseball Evaluation and the Stat Geek Baseball series of books and info. Yes, these are the people who brought you PEVA, the Performance Evaluation Stat that's tied to payroll. And their two books on baseball history; Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, and Field of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work are a treat for all baseball fanatics. Check them out.