First Transatlantic Balloon Flight

New Article - Achievement

Double Eagle II becomes the first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean after an one hundred and thirty-seven hour flight from Maine to France.

Baseball History

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James Oglethorpe

Timeline of the Month

It's a time for books, libraries, religious ideas, and more colonies for New France and England, which brought more wars between rivals seeking supremacy.

Test Ban Treaty

New Article - International Relations

In 1963, the USA, Soviet Union, and Great Britain agreed to a limited nuclear test-ban treaty, barring all nuclear testing above ground. It was the first small culmination of the goal that had begun in 1955 as testing had increased during the decade among nuclear powers.

Eisenhower Farm

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

It was the only home President Dwight David Eisenhower, the general commanding Allied troops during World War II, would ever own. It was a farm in a location he knew well, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and located directly next to the battlefield. It was a working farm, a farm of detente, and now a National Historic Site to visit and learn about the era and his Presidency.

Big Thicket National Preserve

Historic Site of the Month

It was once home to oil derricks, but starting in 1974, has been preserved as Big Thicket National Preserve in a multitude of units where you can recreate on over one hundred thousand acres along or near the Neches River north of Beaumont, Texas.

Battle of Goliad

Fan Favorite

It was a battle that preceded its more famous cousin, the one where the war for Texas independence took a turn for the worst. Yes, we're talking the Alamo. But the Battle of Goliad, taking place on October 10, 1835, four months prior to the San Antonio fight, would be a skirmish, actually the second, that showed that the Texans were in it to win their independence, and that this battle, a Texas victory, would show the mettle of their cause.

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American Revolution

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American Revolution Preservation

Historic Site News and Info

Battlefield Preservation

Even in these difficult times, work continues on preserving the battlefields of the Civil War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The amazing work of the Battlefields Trust has recently saved land at Sackett's Harbor and is working on many other projects. Check them out.

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