San Jacinto Battleground

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

It would only last eighteen minutes, the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 that would end the Battle for Texas Independence and usher in the Republic of Texas as an independent nation. No, it's not the most famous battle of the war for independence, that would come in defeat at the Alamo the year before. But now, and at the surrender and treaty several days later by Santa Anna to Sam Houston, a new republic and subsequent state were born.

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Popham Colony

New Article - Colonial

Colonies were popping up in the Americas, and it wasn't just Jamestown and St. Augustine. In 1607, Captain George Popham established Popham Colony for King James and Britain near Pemaquid, Maine. It did not succeed.

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St. Croix Colony

Timeline of the Month

They came, in colonies settled around Jamestown and the New France town of Quebec, with failed attempts by both in New England and Acadia. There would be treaties with the Indian nations and battles just beginning between them, the British, Spanish, and French.

Zuni Pueblo

New Article - Exploration

New Spain was reaching north. Precursor to Coronado expedition is sent toward Cibola in 1539 under Melchior Diaz, searching for the Lost Cities of Gold mentioned by a previous Marcos de Niza expedition into New Mexico and Arizona.

Baseball's Best @ 150 Book

Baseball History

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Cape Canaveral

Historic Site of the Month

From its initial days in the lexicon of the United States, Cape Canaveral, NASA, and the space program has been adding to the modern view of history, by making much of its own. From the time Buck Rogers strapped himself to a movie rocket and blasted into space to today's version designed by Elon Musk, the world has been fascinated with what was out beyond the stars.

World War I

Fan Favorite

World War I, its timeline, and the position of the United States in the early years of the war in Europe, 1914-1916, and the acts that prompted it to join the war.

History Notes

American Revolution

Staff Notes

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American Revolution Preservation

Historic Site News and Info

Battlefield Preservation

Even in these difficult times, work continues on preserving the battlefields of the Civil War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The amazing work of the Battlefields Trust has recently saved land at Sackett's Harbor and is working on many other projects. Check them out.

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