Chronology, Volume 1 Book

Chronology, Volume 1
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A Collection of 50 Short Essays Within the Timeline of American History.

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  • Chronology from the staff of is a collection of fifty articles written about subjects throughout the history of the United States.

    Review - "Chronology" offers a fascinating series of snapshots throughout American history, including things I really haven't thought about, such as...what was life like here before the European explorers showed up? Some of the chapters are essays about specific topics or time periods, and others are the actual text of documents from our history. Even if you think you know American history, I'll bet you'll find something you didn't know, or an aspect you never thought about!" - Ruth Brown, Gettysburg Historian.

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Spanning the period of time from Columbus to the present, the articles in Chronology, with supporting documents and letters written by participants and Congress, cover a variety of topics, including what America was like on the last day of the year prior to European discovery, ... "America Prior to Columbus" - December 31, 1491, to the time when Benjamin Franklin poked the lion of mother country England with two essays about the plight of the colonists, ... "Franklin Muses Against British Empire" - September 11, 1773, to George Washington's final letter before leaving office to the American people, warning against political parties, something both Democrats and Republicans should consider today, ... "Washington and His Warnings for Democracy" - September 19, 1796, to the first time South Carolina wanted to leave the Union with its Nullification Act thirty years prior to the Civil War, ... "The First Problem with South Carolina" - March 2, 1833, and the desire of Americans to head west in the first major wagon train to California in, ... "Westward Ho" - May 1, 1841.

These articles continue forward through history until the present day on topics of the history of race relations, voting rights, bad compasses, the National Football League, the Internet, and the Supreme Court.

Wagon Train

Benjamin Franklin

Article Index

America Prior to Columbus - December 31, 1491
Treaty of Tordesillas - June 7, 1494
The Verrazzano Expedition - January 17, 1524
The Valladolid Debate Over Treatment of American Indians - 1550-1551
History of Jamestown Continues with Pocahontas Marriage to John Rolfe - April 5, 1614
New Netherlands Seized by British - September 8, 1664
Colonists Declared Rights - October 7, 1765
Franklin Muses Against British Empire - September 11, 1773
France and United States Form Alliance - February 6, 1778
The United States Needs a Bank - May 26, 1781

Whiskey and Washington's Proclamation - September 1, 1794
Washington and His Warnings for Democracy - September 19, 1796
From the Shores of Tripoli - April 27, 1805
Congress Corrects One Small Part of the U.S. Constitution Regarding Slavery - March 2, 1807
Got a Mule and Her Name is Sal - July 4, 1817
Arikara Indian War - August 9, 1823
First Attempt by Texas to Become a Republic - December 21, 1826
The First Problem with South Carolina - March 2, 1833
Women's Rights, Property Style - February 15, 1839
Westward Ho - May 1, 1841

California and Its Short Republic - June 10, 1846
MSNBC Dismays, but Gets Programming - February 28, 1854
Northwest Tribes Cede Territory - July 1, 1855
The Pony Express Begins - April 3, 1860
Civil War Leads to Civil Rights - March 13, 1866
Voting Rights and Race - March 30, 1870
The World is Amazed at the Centennial - May 10, 1876
Race and Education - July 4, 1881
Polygamy Outlawed - March 22, 1882
Carnegie Hall Opens - May 5, 1891

Carnegie Hall