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Best South USA National Parks and American Heritage Sites to Visit

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U.S. Historic Sites - South

It's getting warm and it's getting fun as you visit the history of the south from the Great Smoky Mountains, the most attended national park in the nation, all the way down to Puerto Rico. Have fun in a fun city. Yes, we're talking French history in New Orleans. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and witness an alligator slide through steam water. Yes, we're talking the Everglades or Big Cypress. Now get your heritage travel shoes and head out to the south.

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Featured Sites

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Sometimes we forget that land has a history, and its history is often in how it affects the people who live there, who work there, and who now visit. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited National Park in the nation. People come from all over the east coast, and beyond, to visit the majestic mountains with the fog shrouded peaks within the Appalachian Mountain Range, for all sort of purposes. Many come to camp. Many come to view the scenery. Others come to learn about the Indian and Appalachian culture that has been culled within the range and valley floors of this land.

St. Augustine

If you told most visitors to Florida that the oldest town in the United States did not reside in New England or Virginia, they wouldn't have a clue to what city your were talking about. And if you mentioned to your kids that only a generation ago, a visit to this town just had to be included on their visit to Florida, right up there with the Everglades, Miami, Cape Canaveral, and Cypress Gardens, they'd think you were nuts. What no mouse! Well, it's all true, and a visit to Florida still should include St. Augustine, the oldest city in the nation since its founding by the Spanish in 1565.

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